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Ideas and Inspiration

Everyone has a story. Memoir (vs. autobiography) is focused on a particular time period, an event or thread (something you learned or experienced). It offers a connection to others. Do you think your life is not worthy of a memoir just because you were never famous?  Every life is important and unique, perhaps even worthy of a movie!

Share your poetry – it’s important. Poetry uses the words we know but in a sequence that takes us out of our normal rhythms and linear thought processes. The effect is to illuminate thoughts and breathe in new ways to see and taste and feel  in a way we hadn’t thought before. Poetry asks us to see the bigger picture of the world.

What is your creative talent? Everyone has one.
Creative makers provide communities with joy and inspiration. Art, in all forms, provides a view of our cultural, political, economic and social systems. Whatever your expression – drawing, doodling, cartoons, crafts, sculpture, painting, mixed media – share it and document our world.

Share your gifts to inspire and inform others. Whether an entrepreneur or part of an organization, leave us your gift. Some call it the knowledge cascade –  helping others bypass obstacles and learn from your mistakes and successes.  Beyond the personal gift, your expertise can promote your brand, increase sales and profitability and offer a way to connect on a deeper level with your customers.

Leave a legacy in story. Most parents and grandparents have a book they would love to pass down to their children. Your children are special to you and you have a unique story to tell them. Passing down a beautiful story or art or family memory book is a gift that will be cherished. Many hesitate because they have a story but don’t know how to illustrate the book. We can help with that.

You have a skill – share it! Some of the best selling books are How To books. Here are a few: How to Babysit Grandpa, How to Drink Wine (and you thought you knew!), How to Parisian, How Not to Kill Your Houseplant, How to Make a Walking Stick, and so many more. You get it. The point is that everyone has a How To book in them. Think about your hobbies (the weirder the better) and when you get an idea – let’s talk.