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writing and publishing services

For Companies: Books and ebooks increase brand visibility, deepen relationships with customers, position you as an influencer and provide content your customers will remember. Contact us. We can help get you out there.

For Individuals:  Memoirs, nonfiction, children’s stories, and art books preserve memories and leave a legacy. Everyone has a talent to share. Have a story you want to turn into a novel? We all have something unique to say! Tell your story as you want it to be told.  

Welcome to Leaving Madmen Publishing 

Need editing, manuscript formatting, cover design, website, social media, production, or promotion? We provide services that let you do what you do best while we do the rest. 

We focus is on special interest books and ebooks including, nonfiction, business expertise, hobby how-to, memoirs, family history, art collections, and children’s books.

We also publish a select number of mass market fiction, romance, science fiction, mystery, and graphic novels each year. Submit your partial or finished manuscript here.

It’s time to put your history (or some of it) into words and pictures on a printed page you can pick up and hold – not a web page that needs managed. Document your life for yourself and as a historical record of family, friends, and achievements. 

Special events coming? Holidays, big birthdays, major achievements, company milestones, friends or family that deserve a special gift? Surprise them with a customized gift. We help with ideas as well as design, content and printing.

When you hit your mid 20s, you will likely go through the five stages of leaving your 20s, all of which include various manifestations along the anxiety continuum. A hilarious story about the disillusionment and enlightenment that drove a monumental life change.

Are you a poet, illustrator or story teller? Have a special collection of recipes? Know the difference between a white marlin and a roundscale spearfish? Why not put that talent into a book. You might even consider publishing it.

A Memoir In 28 Days

Memoirs are for all of us. We are all voyeurs in that way. We want a view into the lives of others – and they don’t have to be a celebrity or politician.

You have a story and it’s not the whole story. A memoir is a select piece – one event, one week, one year or perhaps, one era of your life when you discovered something, endured something, or did something out of the ordinary.

You don’t have to write about challenges, but there are good reasons to write our hardest stories. When we read trauma stories, we know we are not alone. When we read inspiring stories, we are motivated.