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Road Noise

The true story of a 3-month road trip with her pre-teen son. Three relationships had failed. A promising fourth one, a man ten years younger, had just died of leukemia. She worried her young son was on the edge of a chasm created by her past failures. She needed time to think without the interference and judgment of family and friends that wanted to add their agendas to her life. Would a 3-month road trip bring closure and time to heal?

DJ Lynn’s career has been in technology, business writing and design. Although shattering her arm during the pandemic while doing an art project, she continues to run her businesses and write.

Skydancer and the Dark side of the psyche

When Laura Whitaker, Dallas psychologist, discovers one of her clients has been bludgeoned to death, she sets out to help Chief of Police, Marty Shaw, solve the crime. In the meantime, Laura visits Browning, Montana, to inquire about her Blackfoot roots; convincing Marty that she will continue to work on the case while she is away. In Montana, she connects with a Native American man who becomes a love like Laura has never known, and she is befriended by an old medicine man who warns her of danger back home. Between the bustle of Dallas and the quiet serenity of Montana, Laura is torn in two directions and looks to the spirit, SkyDancer, to show her the way.


Debbi Lynn

Book Includes:

  • A route map
  • Personal photos from the journey
  • Stories from 33+ states
  • Visited: 300+ national parks, aquariums, zoos, caves, landmarks, museums, and more


Sheila Griffin, MA, is a writer, artist, and retired psychotherapist. She lives in Green Valley, Arizona. Sheila is also the author of Ride on The Wing of The Eagle and Nurture.

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