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To single parents everywhere: It didn’t go as planned.

Ms. Lynn takes us on a 3-month road trip–12,000+ miles around the US. Along for the trip–her 12 year old witty and clever son who often called her cartoon names and kept her grounded when she lost her temper after locking the keys in the car or a cold and rainy night sleeping upright in the car in Yellowstone. An endearing couple of misfits!  Along the way she lets us in on the intimate backstory that led her to that point when she needed to get away from the demands, noise and agendas of everyone else and listen to her soul.

Coming: December 2022
More on her website:

Thoughts from the irreverent mind of a Silicon Valley coder-guy that decided to get off the hamster wheel, buy property in Costa Rica and turn it in to a farm.

A hysterical, witty, and charming exploration and observation of the disillusionment and enlightenment that drove a monumental life-change. He has words for you; if he can do it, anyone can. Enjoy the ride. 
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More on the website: Running With Chickens 

A mystery blended with an unexpected love story brought together  by a spiritual connection.

When Laura Whitaker, Dallas psychologist, discovers one of her clients has been bludgeoned to death, she sets out to help the police solve the crime. Between the bustle of Dallas and the quiet serenity of Montana, Laura is torn in two directions and looks to the spirit, SkyDancer, to show her the way.

Sheila Griffin, MA, is a writer, artist, and retired psychotherapist. She lives in Green Valley, Arizona. Sheila is also the author of Ride on The Wing of The Eagle and Nurture.

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