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Submit Your Work

Leaving Madmen Publishers considers submissions from a wide range of genres, fiction and non-fiction – from memoirs to science fiction and fantasy to art books. Whether it’s controversial, childish or colorful, we will give it a comprehensive review.

The fastest and easiest way to send us your submission is online. Please fill in and upload all relevant information in the form below. You will receive an email notification once your submission is received by our team.

If you have finished a work, please send the full manuscript. If you haven’t yet finished the work but would like to know if it would be something we are interested in, send us two samples chapters. Either way, always include a cover letter and one page synopsis. 

Contracts and Fees

We work differently than most publishing companies. We work with you – the author to help you achieve your goal for the work.

No Contract
For some authors that might be simply fees we charge for specific services you request, such as editing or manuscript formatting.

Quoted Fee and Simple Contract
For others, that might be full services based on a quote we provide. In that case, there is a simple contract. 

The 3rd way is a traditional contract. There may be circumstances where we agree to cover all costs to publish a finished work. In this case, there would be a contract with royalty fees. However, not all work can be accepted under these terms. Should we be unable to offer a traditional contract, but we feel the work has potential an alternative offer may be made. This offer is known as a ‘partnership contract’ and is based on a contribution to be paid by the author to cover initial production and printing of the work.

  • Please double space your work.
  • Always use a font that is legible and easy to read. Garamond or Times New Roman are preferred. Fonts such as Comic Sans and Broadway are not encouraged. However if the final book calls for unusual fonts, then leave them in the manuscript.
  • We confirm the receipt of all submissions. We will inform you of our decision regarding the work but please know that response times can take up to 6-8 weeks. Please remain patient during the review process and there is no need to contact us to inquire about your manuscript unless you haven’t heard from us after 8 weeks.
  • Please send work to us by email as a PDF or Word document. Please do not use postal mail.
  • If the work contains photos not embedded in the manuscript, you can place those on a Google Drive and send us a link. Please clearly state the information in the link and your name.  We will not open links that are not clearly identified.

Please Remember

Before you submit your manuscript you must read and agree to our Terms and Conditions (link below). Key terms and acknowledgements are listed below.

The material you have submitted is the Author’s own creative and/or researched work.

The intellectual copyright of this work is the work of the Author or Authors and will be maintained.

We do not share or sell your information. We respect and honor the privacy and intellectual property of the Author(s).

No information regarding any author’s personal details including email addresses or other contact data will be disclosed to any third parties without the express permission of said author.

LMMP may use the personal details of the author for correspondence with our editorial teams.

Leaving Madmen Publishing cannot be held responsible for the loss, damage or non-return of any material sent to us in hard-copy format.

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