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Your Project is Unique

Leaving Madmen Publishing produces books for companies, institutions and individuals. 

For Companies and Institutions: A book can build your business, increase brand visibility, sharpen your mission, boost sales, deepen relationships with customers, and position the company as an authority in your field.

For Individuals:  Memoirs, children’s stories, poetry, art books, cook books, talent specialties, and family albums will preserve your family history, and tell stories for grandchildren. Everyone has a special skill. Show it or tell it as you want it to be told.  

Leaving Madmen publishes books with compelling stories, beautiful design, and superb production. We have standard pricing for some things but much of what we do is unique, so we need to chat first.  We will customize services that fit your needs, including:

Project Development — Editorial — Design & Art direction — Cover Design —  Editing — Printing & Production — Website & Social Media  — Marketing & Publicity Consulting