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We All Have A Story

You walked in on one small piece of my life. And just like yours, there is so much more to say. That’s what I love about writing and working with writers of all kinds. We can tell a story the way we want it to be told. We can make it nonfiction or grand romance, science fiction or fantasy.

To the right are some images that reflect a fraction of my life.  I spent most of my career in director-level marketing. Later I started a public relations company. Much of my time was spent researching and writing something—reports of all sizes and types, proposals, marketing material, advertising copy, and various content. On top of that, it was about working with clients, trade shows, and events trying to bend words and convince an audience. All marketing is about selling something—an idea, a character, a story, a product—and the more creative it is, the more likely to be effective. It’s really what we all do every day. 


About 10 years ago I began a new journey to find a deeper meaning to my life and to turn my career into a passion. Sometimes that kind of journey can lead to paths that diverge from others that don’t support our visions. We all have those journeys and I believe we need to be true to ourselves. 

You have a story to tell. Now is your time. Now more than ever, we need to tell our stories, put our art into a book, share our poetry, expertise, adventures, and life experience.

Whatever your passion, now is the time to put it into words as a permanent record.